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How to Assign Employee Shifts on the Schedule Menu (New)

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After you add employees, you can assign schedules to the employees you just added. You can add it to the Schedule submenu.

In the new Talent schedule view, you can add one-day or multiple-day shifts for employees. You can choose to use Index or Schedule view. In the Index view, you can view and manage the list of employees and their schedules with the same steps as in the old view. Meanwhile, in the Schedule view, you can manage work schedules more easily without having to create a master data schedule.

Study the functions of buttons and columns on the Display Menu Time management - Schedule thoroughly before studying this guidebook here.

In addition, you can also edit the shifts that have been made as needed in both views. Here are the steps.

A. Assign Master Schedule

  1. Click “Time Management” menu and then select Schedule.

  2. In the Index view, select “Assign schedule” in the name row of the employee whose work schedule you want to manage.

    You can filter the schedule that appears by selecting a filter based on Status, Organization, Branch, Job position, Job level, and Employment status on the Filter bar. You can also search for a specific employee's name by using the Search bar. In addition, on the Current schedule line, you can click to review each employee's shift list.

  3. In the pop-up that appears, you can complete the following fields before selecting "Save".
    • Employee: Filled with the name of the employee you will assign the shift to.
    • Work Schedule: You can choose the working hours that you have set and made in Settings.
    • Effective Date: You can select the effective start date of the schedule.

      The effective date when assigned must be greater than the most recent effective date ever made.

  4. Apart from that, you can also bulk Assign schedules by checking the Checkbox next to the name, then selecting “Assign schedule”.

    You can click on an employee's name to see the history of each employee's assigned schedule and delete assigned schedule.

  5. The same pop-up will appear and you can complete the following fields before selecting "Save".

    • Employee: Contains the names of the employees that you have checked. You can add employee name by click “Search employee…”.
    • Work Schedule: You can choose the working hours that you have set and made in Settings.
    • Effective Date: You can select the effective start date of the schedule.
  6. Then, you can upload (import) or download (export) or Schedule spreadsheet with the following buttons.
  7. If you choose to download, you can select Export data (get schedule data) or Export template (get schedule template).
    The following is a screenshot of the downloaded spreadsheet (xsl.) document.
    1. Export data
    2. Export template

B. Assign Shift with Calendar View

  1. Click “Time Management” menu and then select Schedule.
  2. Click the “Schedule” tab, then click “Assign Shift”.

  3. Select the employee you want to set shifts for.

    You can choose from one to several employees at once.

  4. Select the shift that you previously created in the Attendance Settings menu.
  5. Then select the effective date of the shift in the Effective Date column.
  6. Check Repeat shift if you want to assign shifts of one day or several days at a time. You can choose 1 week or 2 weeks.

    By using the Repeat shift option, the schedule pattern that is currently running will stop and automatically use the pattern that was created since the effective date was set.

  7. Check Shift Ends On if you want the shift to end on a certain date.

    If you tick Repeat shift without checking Shift ends on, the shifts you create will continue to repeat.

  8. Then the shift you make will be like the following.

    If the user assigns a shift to a date that already has Attendance, Time off or Overtime data, the shift will not change and will continue to use the old shift..

  9. Or you can also assign shifts in bulk by checking the checkbox next to the employee's name then clicking "Bulk Action", and following the same steps in point no. 5-8.
  10. You can also edit shifts that have been made by hovering over the shift date and clicking the "Edit" icon.
  11. Then select Shift and click "Save" to save.
  12. Then the shift has been changed successfully.
  13. And you can also delete data that has been created by clicking the "trash can" icon.

    If there has been a change in attendance data on that date for the selected employee, the shift cannot be deleted.

  14. Then a confirmation pop up will appear and click "Remove" to delete the shift that has been made.
  15. Or, if you want to delete employee shifts in bulk, you can click "Bulk action" and select "Remove".
  16. Then a confirmation pop-up will appear, and click "Remove" to delete.
  17. Then the employee shift has been successfully deleted.

    If you delete using bulk delete, the deleted shift data will follow the selected date range.

    This is an explanation of how to assign employee shifts on the Schedule menu. Also learn about other features on the Schedule menu, here.

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