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How to Manage Employee Time Off (Employee Time Management Info)

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The Time Off tab in Employee Info is a tab used to manage each employee's leave data as a company database, which includes time off requests, delegations, and time off taken.

You can see a brief explanation of the Time Off tab as follows:


No Feature Description
1. Request Time Off Button to apply for leave.
2. Request Delegation Button for submitting delegates.
3. Time Off Balance Displays leave that has a balance.
4. Emerge History Displays the history of the appearance of leave balances.
5. Time Off Request Displays a list of applications that have been made.
6. Delegation Displays a list of delegate submissions that have been made.
7. Time Off Taken Displays a list of vacations that have been taken.
8. Select Status Set the display and search for employee leave application data based on the selected status (pending, approved, rejected, canceled)..
9. Select Period Set the display and search for employee leave submission data based on the selected period.
10. Showing & Search Set the display and search for employee leave application data based on keywords or the options provided.
11. Time Off Request Table Displays a list of employee leave requests.
12. Show Displays the reasons for submitting employee leave.
13. Detail Displays detailed information on employee leave requests.
14. Approval Displays details of employee leave approval.
15. Cancel Button to cancel the leave application.


A. How to Apply for Employee Leave

Request Time Off is a feature used to apply for employee leave.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click “Request Time Off”.
  2. Select the type of leave proposed in the Time Off Type column.
  3. Select the required type of request (full day or half day) in the Request Type column.

  4. Complete the proposed leave date in the Start Date and End Date columns.
  5. Complete the reasons for applying for leave and attach files if needed in the Notes column.
  6. As well as attach the required files in the Attach File column.
  7. Click “Request Time Off” to continue.

B. How to Apply for an Employee Delegation

Request Delegation is a feature used to propose delegation to other employees.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click “Request Delegation”.
  2. Select the name of the employee to who delegate authority is granted in the Delegate To column dropdown list.
  3. Complete the proposed delegation date in the Start Date and End Date columns.
  4. Complete the reason for submitting the delegation in the Notes column.
  5. Then click "Save" to submit.

C. How to Display Used Employee Leave Data.

Time Off Taken is a tab that displays employee leave data that has been taken.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click “Time Off Taken”.
  2. You can check the details of the leaves that have been taken as follows.
No View Description
1. Showing & Search Set the display and search for employee leave based on keywords or options provided.
2. Time Off Taken Table

Displays a list of employee leave that has been used.

Status taken at the time off in my info may not change, if there is re-import, or edit attendance.

3. Policy Code Displays the retrieved employee leave policy code.
4. Effective Date Displays the employee's leave date.
5. Type Displays the type of employee taking leave (full day or half day).

This is an explanation of how to manage Employee Time Off. Learn how to manage Overtime, here.

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