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How to Calculate Employee THR (Run THR)

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Run THR is a feature that can be used to calculate THR for employees. At Talenta, you can run THR more than once a year. Before running the THR, make sure you have inputted your employee salary information in Talenta.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Run THR.
  3. Enter the payment date in the "Payment Date" column.
  4. Enter the THR date in the THR Date column.
  5. Tick "Include in THP" if the nominal THR will be paid together with the employee's salary payment. However, if it is not checked, the THR will not be paid along with the employee salaries. 
  6. Tick "Non Taxable" if THR is not included in the tax calculation.
  7. Select Tax Type.
  8. You can determine which employees will enter the THR run by clicking "Select Employee to Run THR".
  9. Click “Continue”.
  10. You can change the THR amount manually in the Total THR column.
  11. You can also update the total THR in bulk by clicking on the "Export THR" button to download the available templates and then re-upload the template using the "Import THR" button if needed.
  12. Use the "Reset This Period" button to delete the THR total changes made.
  13. Click “Save & Run Payroll”.
  14. So THR has been successfully implemented.

That's how to run THR in Talenta. Click here to provide employees with THR slip access or click here to view employee THR reports.

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