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How to Auto Assign Talenta Performance

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In Talenta Performance Review, you can make performance appraisals for employees working in your company. The review methods that you can use to make an assessment are  Manager Review,  Team Review,  360 Review, and  Self Review. In this section, you will learn how to do an automatic assignment or  Auto Assign for reviewers who are tasked with evaluating the  Manager Review method.

 Here are the steps:

  1. On the  Review Cycle menu, click  "Create New Cycle".
  2. Enter the name of the cycle you want to create in the  Cycle Name field.
    2_266___1_. png
  3. Enter the performance appraisal period that you want to assess in the  Time Frame for This Cycle section.
    3_219___1_. png
  4. Enter the start time of the performance appraisal cycle period in the Cycle start on section.
    4_171___1_. png
  5. Enter the end time providing performance appraisal in the  Review period section.
    5_149___1_. png
  6. Check the Repeat cycle automatically after the cycle ends if you want to duplicate the cycle in the next period.
    6_120___1_. png
  7. Then, click “Next”  to continue filling the cycle.
  8. Enter other information about the required Cycle. Learn how to input review cycle information here.
  9. Then, enable the Manager Review method.
    8_102___1_. png
  10. Click  "Automatically assign the employee manager to each selected member"  to activate the Auto Assign feature for reviewers who will conduct the assessment.
    9_90___1_. png

    This feature will automatically assign reviewers under several conditions:
    - Superiors assigned as reviewers will be assigned automatically based on the employee's approval path.
    - If you do not have an approval line, you will be determined based on your Job Position in the Organization Structure (1 level above).
    - If the two conditions above have not been met, the Super Admin/HR in charge must assign a reviewer manually. Learn how to add reviewers manually and manage the review cycle that has been created here.

  11. Click "Submit" to save the Review Cycle. The system will automatically assign superiors as reviewers according to the approval path.
    D3. png
  12. To see who is a reviewer in that cycle, click "Actions", then View Detail.
    D1. png
  13. Click the "Actions" button, then click Details.
    D2. png
  14. You can see reviewers who can provide ratings in the  Reviewer(s) column.
    13_69___1_. png
  15. The superior will receive an e-mail from the system as a notification that the supervisor has been designated as a reviewer as follows.
    14_54___1_. png

    Supervisors will receive an H+1 e-mail after HR adds the supervisor to conduct a performance appraisal of their employees.

This is a guide on how to auto-assign Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn how to manage reports on Talenta Performance here.

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