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How to Install Mekari Fingerprint

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Mekari Fingerprint is an import attendance method by integrating or connecting fingerprint engine Apps with Talenta. Before you can use this feature, you need to contact your implementation team or contact the support team via email to support-hr@mekari.com .

The following is the mechanism for integrating RTA with Talenta:


Here are the steps.

- Use AMS (Attendance Management System) Vendor Solution/ZKTECH (preferred) or other applications that have the same DB structure as AMS Solution.
- If you don't use the same DB structure as the vendor, you can use API Attendance Integration (for further information, please contact the support team at email support-hr@mekari.com to get the detailed information regarding the requirements for using API Attendance).
- .Net Framework minimum version 4.5 (Auto install).
- Open access DB (.mdb, SQL Server and MySQL).
- Minimum Windows 10 operating system.
- Run the computer as Administrator.
- Does not block access to Google's DNS and can connect to the internet.
- AMS and Talent Apps become 1 access on PC/Computer.
- Total logs < 10,000 logs.
- If you have registered more than 1 machine in AMS, please note this: Before saving and connecting the Mekari app, Make sure your AMS has downloaded all log data in the machine (Click Download Data Presence in AMS). Do this every time you want to see attendance data on Talenta.

A. Installation Method

  1. Open the Mekari Fingerprint Integration folder then double click “setup.exe” to install.

  2. In this section click "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and then click "Next" to continue.

  3. Carry out the installation process until it's finished then click "Finish" to complete the installation process.

  4. Then, open the application that you have installed.
  5. Then wait for the application to open completely.

  6. In the Talenta section, click “Setup Fingerprint”.

  7. Next, a confirmation pop-up will appear and click "Yes" to continue.

  8. Enter the token you got from the Talent team and click "Next".

  9. Click “Authenticate”.

  10. Select Fingerprint Vendor and select mdb file in Database Lookup Type then click "Save and Connect".

    To create an mdb file, open the AMS application then click the "Database Settings" menu and select or enter a database name.

    The image above is a version of the AMS application (not all AMS applications have the appearance above).

B. Process System

  1. Make sure your AMS application is connected to the fingerprint machine.

    Check your AMS database point (on Drive C: > Program File (32 bit)/Program File(x86) (64 bit) > Att/Attendance Management > Click on att2000.mdb (Open with MS. Access), SQL server or MySQL ( using SQL Management Studio).

  2. Check your AMS application whether it is running Real-time or managed to generate the latest data. To generate data, you can click "Download Presence Data".

  3. Next, set the Talenta Attendance using multiple rows and ranges.

    - CSV file settings are only used for integration or custom.
    - If the normal option, can use XlSX, TXT and DAT.

  4. Make sure your Talenta Attendance application is connected or has a Connected status.

  5. The application will run automatically and pull new data according to the frequency setting. Example FQ = 5m( Max 100 logs); 5m data will be converted to a CSV file and then sent to Talenta.
  6. You can also click “Show Log” to track the Transfer Log.

  7. Following are the results of the attendance log preview.
  8. And the following is the result of attendance at Talenta.

This is how to install Mekari Fingerprint. Next, you can learn how to create an attendance machine on the Attendance Settings menu.

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