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How to Manage Roles in Talenta Performance

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By default, Talenta Performance provides two default roles, namely Super Admin who can access all menus and features, and the Employee role, which is a role that can only access the default menu. 

The menu that can be used to manage the type of role you use in Talenta Performance Review is Roles. In this menu, you can create new roles according to your needs, and edit and delete them.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Manages Users menu in the Settings section.
    28_14_. png
  2. Select the Roles submenu .
    30_9_. png
  3. Then, a list of default roles and roles that you have created before will appear, if any.
  4. To create new roles, you can click the "Add New Role" button.
  5. Fill in the name and description of the role you want to add.
    1-DNU3HFQS. png
  6. Select the Branch that can be accessed by that role. The branch here functions to manage the data that appears, where the data that appears is only related to the data of employees in the selected branch
    2__2_. png

    For example, user A is assigned to the Bogor branch, which means that user A can only view or manage goals and review employees at the Bogor branch.

  7. Then, in the Permissions section, define the features that can be accessed by that role. There are 4 (four) permissions that you can set, namely:

    a. Review Cycle, to set permissions related to the cycle that has been made.
    3__2_. png

    b. Review Settings, to set permissions related to viewing the Settings menu. 4__2_. png
    c. Manage Users , functions to set permissions related to users who have access to the Talenta Performance Review Application.
    4a_7_. png
    d. Goals Report serves to set permissions regarding access to the goals report.
    5__3_. png

    The checklist box in Review Cycle, Review Settings and Manage Users functions to:
    - Check View, if the user is given access to view.
    - Check Add, if the user is given access to add.
    - Check Edit, if the user is given access to change.
    - Check Delete, if the user is given access to delete.
    - Check Report, if the user is given access to view the report
    - Check Edit Result, if the user is given access to change the cycle results.

  8. After that, click the "Submit"  button to save.
    image-1633198281077. png
  9. Then the roles that are formed will be as follows.
    6_116_. png
  10. You can click the "pencil" icon to edit role rules or the "trash can" icon to delete roles.
    6a__1_. png

This is a guide on how to manage roles in Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn about how to Assign Roles on Talenta Performance here.

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