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How to Use Liveness Validation on Talenta Mobile Live Attendance

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Liveness Validation in Live Attendance is a feature that can detect whether the selfie taken is a real face or not. This process is useful for ensuring that there is no fraud when employees take attendance directly by detecting whether the selfie taken is a real face or not. Unlike face recognition, Liveness Validation can distinguish which is a real face or an artificial face image.

Before you can use this feature, you need to activate it first by contacting the support team via email support-hr@mekari.com. Then, there will be several inquiries that you need to do to set up this feature, click here to read the guide. Employees must first have a profile picture on their Talenta account to use this feature. For better effectiveness of the Face Recognition feature, make sure your Talenta Profile Picture meets the following criteria:

Comp_2. gif

Here is a guide for using Liveness Validation on Live Attendance:

  1. Enter Talenta Mobile.
  2. Click "Live Attendance".
    LATTD1. png
  3. Click “Clock in/out”.
    LATTD2. png

  4. Take your selfie photo showing all parts of your face according to the criteria below.
    Comp_1_2. gifIf your photo doesn't meet the Liveness Validation criteria, you'll receive the following message:


    Error Message



    Please retake the actual selfie of your face.

    Your photo has been detected as not being alive.


    If your selfie doesn't match the profile photo, please retake your selfie.

    Your photo doesn't match your profile picture.


    Please retake the actual selfie of your face.

    Your photo is judged to be low quality, blown out, or dark.


    Please remove accessories on your face and take a selfie.

    There is an object blocking your face so that the photo of your face cannot be accepted.


    Please take a selfie containing one face image.

    There are multiple faces so you need to take a new photo with only one face.


    Please move closer to the camera and take your selfie.

    Your face is too far from the camera so you need to re-take your photo.

  5. Enter notes and click “Clock in/out”.
    LATTD4. png

    Make sure the selfie photo matches the profile photo on the Talenta account. You can take your photo by clicking the “-” icon on your photo.

  6. So, attendance will be successfully inputted into the Talenta system. You can view details of your attendance information, including the accuracy percentage of Face recognition and Liveness as shown below. Click “Back to home” to return to the Talenta Mobile home page.
    LATTD5. png

    If the selfie photo entered is not the same as the profile photo on the Talenta account, the system will reject the clock in/out attendance and you will need to take your photo again.

Those are the steps for using Liveness Validation on Live Attendance.

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