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How to Update Payroll Component (New Version)

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When using Talenta, you are asked to fill in the employee payroll components received by employees in the Talenta database. However, you don't need to worry if, in the middle of the period, there is a change in the employee payroll component; you can change it by using the Update Payroll Component feature. This feature can help you enter data on changes in salaries or benefits for employees in Talenta.

There are several differences between the old version of Update Payroll Component and the new version:
- Currently, users can assign multiple employees and multiple components in a single Update Payroll Component transaction.
- Users can provide an end date to a transaction, which will automatically change the value to 0 if it has passed the specified expiration date (this does not apply to basic salary).

Follow these steps: 
  1. Go to Payroll menu.
  2. Select Update Payroll Component.
  3. Click “Update Component”.
  4. Select the type of component change, "Adjustment" to make some adjustments and "Expired" to end a component that is no longer valid.
  5. Complete the effective date on which the payroll component will take effect in the Effective Date section.
  6. Enter the component change description information if needed in the Description section.
  7. Check the End date, if the component has a usage expiry date. So that when the time limit has been reached, the nominal component will change to 0 (zero) and remain active for employees.

    If there is no End date, you do not need to check this information.

  8. Check the backpay information to see if the component has a backpay or a flat payment. Then fill in the effective date of the component report.
    Example: If the increase in the daily allowance should have occurred two months ago, For example, in July, but the new decree came out in September. Thus, in September, employees will receive the new daily allowance and daily allowance backpay from July and August. As a result, the effective date is September 1, and the payment date is July 1)

    If there is no Backpay for the component, you do not need to check this information.

  9. Add the names of the employees whose payroll components you want to update by clicking "Add/delete employees".
  10. You can search for employee names in the search section or click "Filter" to search for specific employee names.
  11. Click "Add to List" to add the name of the employee whose salary information will be updated.
  12. The employee's name will be inputted as Employee Selected which will update the payroll component data.
  13. Then, click "Save".
  14. Input the salary component that will be updated by clicking "Add/delete component".
  15. You can search for components to be updated using the search field.
  16. Click "Add to List" to add the salary component that will be updated.
  17. When selecting components, there is also additional marking or information for components that use formulas, namely the letter "F". This formula is set in the Settings Payroll Component.
  18. The salary component will be input as Component Selected which will update the data.
  19. Click “Save”.
  20. An example of adding data that you have done will look as follows.

    1. For components that have just been added to the employee, then:
    - Column "Current amount" will contain "New".
    - There is a blue information banner at the top of the table that shows how many employees will be added with the new component. If there are no additions, then this banner does not appear.
    2. Just like when selecting components, on this page you will also see markers/additional information for components that use formulas, namely the letter "F" sign. This formula is set in the Settings Payroll Component.

  21. You can enter the nominal amount of the components to be renewed or given to employees in the New Amount section.
  22. Click "Submit" to save the data on the changes to the salary components that you have made.
  23. Transactions that you have input will be recorded on the Update History tab.
  24. You can also see the data that has been entered on the Employee History tab.

That's how to update the payroll component on Talenta. After that, you can continue with run payroll, click here to see the steps.

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