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How to Manage the Polls Feature from the Dashboard

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The poll is a feature that is used to manage to vote in the company. Aside from polls, Talenta also has Forms feature where you can vote. Different from polls, on the Talenta form, companies can create multiple choices of questions and answers and download the poll results.

In this section, you will learn how to manage voting through the Polls feature. But before that, make sure you have entered all employee data on the Employee Menu.

Here are the steps.

  1. First, click "Pollings" on the Dashboard Menu.
  2. Then "Create New Polls" to create a new poll.
  3. Click "Question" to enter the name/title of the poll.
  4. Enter the polling options in the Option column.
  5. Click “Add Option” if you want to add another option.
  6. Enter End Date to determine the voting deadline.
  7. Click Filter Participant to choose specific employees who can conduct polls.
  8. Check Allow participant to create other answer to allow participants to make other choices.
  9. Check Allow participant to comment to allow participants to give comments.
  10. Check Send notifications to participant to provide notification in the form of email to employees that there is a new poll that must be conducted.
  11. Click "Save" to save the created polls.


  12. Then click "Confirm" to confirm.
  13. So that your polls are created.

    notes_1.png: To see a list of participants who are expected to poll.
    notes_2.png : To modify existing polls.
    notes_3.png: delete existing polls .

  14. If your polls reach the End Date, then the polls will enter the Non-Active category.

This is an explanation of how to manage the Pols feature from the Dashboard. You can also learn about other features of the Dashboard, here.

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